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Halloween 2013: Adventures Into Darkness #8 (30 Second Animated Commercial)

Hey, look! It's a Scar Stuff post! Will wonders never cease?

So how's about a super quick roundup and then a little seasonal treat, eh?

Okay! Well the last year of my life has honestly been pretty nuts -- the biggest news is probably that my short film "Catnip: Egress to Oblivion?" got accepted into the Sundance Film Festival and actually ended up winning the audience award for Best Short Film (I know, right? Totally bananas!).

As a result I've really been delving more deeply into various superfun film & video type projects and have a bunch of (spooky & non-spooky) type stuff in the works that I'll probably blab about on here one day or another. Yay!

Ahhhh, you know what? I was gonna write a bunch of other junk here, but that's probably enough catchup, right? I mean if you came here on purpose, you probably came for the creepy -- so let's just dive into this year's quick little Halloween project that I wanna share with the remaining weirdos who dare to darken the ol' decrepit and neglected Scar Stuff doorway.

So here it is! A short & (hopefully) sweet 30 seconds worth of pre-code inspired animation that I made, based on the awesome cover to "Adventures Into Darkness" #8, drawn by Rocco "Rocke" Mastroserio and published by Standard Comics way back in Feb, 1953.

Ever since I was a kid I've always wished that there were (y'know, visually faithful) Saturday morning type cartoons based on precode horror comics, and this is basically a semi-riff on that idea. You know what I mean, kind of a "What if 1950's horror comics had commercials?" type thing to start easing you into the season and all.

"Adventures Into Darkness" 30 Second Spot (Issue #8, Feb 1953) from Jason Willis on Vimeo.

And thaaaaaaaaat's it! Short as it might I had a lot of fun cooking this up, so I hope you guys dig it. Oh and hey, here's to a Happy (month of) Halloween, 2013!

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