Make horrid scars and gashes.


Gayle House Records "The Haunting" (Gayle House, GH-101, 1971)

You know, the last year of my life has been absolutely amazing in terms of fulfilling my childhood comic-book dreams. Nearly everything I'd ever lusted for in those (already) out of date pages has fallen into my lap. Abstract art paintings done by a chimpanzee? Check! That Super-Cool "Giant 'Life Size' Moon Monster Poster" I'd dreamt of for so long? Check! With all of this good fortune sailing my way, what could be left?

Well truth be told, there was only one more "top of the list" type thing I could think of. One more thing that (casually but persistently) still preyed on my comic-book-ad-loving imagination. That's right -- the record described in the ubiquitous early 1970's ad with the cloaked ghoul commanding the reader to "Invite Your Friends Over For A Haunting". Sooooo rad looking; it just HAD to be great. I mean -- how could it not deliver the goods? Just look at that fantastic copy:

"Just imagine how scared your friends will be when you flip out the light and they start hearing creepy sounds like the howl of a wolf, a creaking door, chains rattling, and then a man's voice telling them that the house is haunted and they are to die -- one by one. They'll be scared stiff when they hear footsteps coming across the floor, the sound of people fighting, glass breaking, hideous laughter, terrible shrieks and screams, eerie moaning and then more footsteps, more screams... Each person in the room will think that he is going to be the next victim."

Man. How fucking awesome was this record going to be? Why, completely and utterly off the scale of awesomity, naturally. So yeah; I'd poked around for this one pretty frequently over the years, but the few people I could find who'd actually heard it assured me that it was both "pretty bad", and that it was "basically the same as the Johnson Smith Novelty Company 'Horror Record'". Naturally the first statement made me want it all the more, but the second statement actually gave me pause. In fact the more I thought about it, the more it made sense to me that a single company might well have churned out just one 7" 33 RPM record's worth of spookiness in the early '70's, and then licensed it off to a few mail order companies simultaneously. Yeah, that's probably what happened. Oh well, it was still a cool ad.

Well as it turns out that's not what happened at all. In fact as you'll soon be able to discover, not only are the sounds on the Gayle House single unique, the record has a freakishly lame and astoundingly perfect charm all its own. It even manages to scrupulously follow the rules of the mighty Rip-Off Halloween Record genre (those being: a totally half-assed "story telling" side, and a banded "sound effects" side using most of the same audio library just without the narration), while still happily amplifying both their cheapest AND most exploitive qualities! Yeah! I honestly don't want to spoil it for you too much (Threadbare plot! Terrible narrator! One sound effect repeated ad nauseam! Children in peril!), but believe me, as far as I'm concerned it was more than worth the 30+ year wait. And hey, it even works just like the ad said it would!

Oh, and one more side note, here's a link to the current owner of the PO Box featured in the ads. My guess is that they probably don't have a lot of leftover "Haunting" records laying around but hey -- you never know.

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Blogger Dave said...

Awesome to hear it is a unique recording unto itself. I'm glad your copy is in better shape than mine. i wasn't looking forward to trying to record around the many scratches on this one. Another horribly, terrific record from the comic books. Thanks Jason.


10/12/2007 9:04 PM

Blogger HarveyMidnight said...

Okay .. this is weird. Tried to d/l this but I can't... How come none of your links work for me? I click on any link from your blog, and it just pulls your blog back up again... like hitting the 'refresh' button or something.

10/12/2007 11:27 PM

Blogger Unknown said...

Yeah, me too. The link to the .zip just re-directs to

10/13/2007 6:49 AM

Blogger Jason said...

Hey are you guys coming from the main site URL at or from another location (like an RSS feed or something)?

I have a script in the zip folder to prevent hotlinking that limits referring URLs which would account for the behavior you're talking about, but whenever I try to download the file from the main page it still works just fine for me.

10/13/2007 6:52 AM

Blogger Dex said...

It's good to have you back again, Jason! You know you see these random ads on the net and always think of these things as being lost treasures, but once again Scar Stuff comes thru!

10/13/2007 8:52 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree. Almost anyone can just post up a link to some files (which is fine) but the research you do and the personal element and enthusiasm your posts have always take them to the next level. Makes me feel like i'm getting something more somehow. Given your skills and knowledge I think you should write a book on your experiences with these records, you already would have a great start.

Happy Halloween and thanks again for providing a window back into a time that almost seems like it could never have happened.


10/13/2007 9:03 AM

Blogger HarveyMidnight said...

"Hey are you guys coming from the main site URL at or from another location (like an RSS feed or something)?"

No, I'm just directly pulling up your blog with the URL. I use Firefox browser, but I also tried clicking on the links from microsoft internet explorer, too.. just to see if it was an issue with firefox -- no dice, had the same problem.

That's the extent of my software expertise, too.. so if it's some strange issue with my isp or something, I am gonna be lost.

10/13/2007 9:26 AM

Blogger Jason said...

harveymidnight & victorycabal --> Huh, crazy. Well the quickest fix for you (while I try & figure out what I can alter on my end) is just to go to Dave's blog where it looks like he's already hosting an alternative link for the same files (thanks Dave).

C.D. --> Hah! you're going to make my head explode with an inflated sense of self-worth here! I'd actually love to track down the people who made so many of these records & turn out a book on the subject but I kinda think the audience would be, you know, pretty limited there.

10/13/2007 9:33 AM

Blogger Max the drunken severed head said...

"Almost anyone can just post up a link to some files (which is fine) but the research you do and the personal element and enthusiasm your posts have always take them to the next level. Makes me feel like i'm getting something more somehow."

What he said!

10/13/2007 10:14 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi,first off you have the coolest blog,now I have a question,have you ever heard of a halloween ditty called Monsters on the Praire,I heard on the radio about 15 years or so ago but don`t quite know much about it,except it has a John Wayne and Gabby Hayes type voices as the heroes.If you have any info on it I would be forever in your debt.

10/13/2007 11:17 AM

Blogger Dave said...

I agree about Jason's expertise about the back stories on these things. Hey Jason I'd go for a book like that. Judging from the number of downloads my halloween files get every month I think there is more of an audience out there than we think.

I had no trouble downloading the file. There was about a 2 minute delay after I clicked on the d/l link, but it finally opened into a zip folder that I just had to extract into my own PC files.


10/13/2007 12:22 PM

Blogger Stephen said...

Wow, this thing goes from cheesy to creepy in no time. That "please, please, no more!" whipping part probably gave many kids nightmares. I'm glad you've had such a great year, Jason, and thanks for sharing some of it with your readers. That monkey painting would sure make my year, too!

10/13/2007 1:26 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is anybody besides me cracking up at some of the lines of dialogue on this record? "THE STAKE!! THE STAKE!! GIVE ME THE STAKE!!" (snicker) Also, the "Creeper" track sounds more a weird guy hanging out downtown in a raincoat instead of a scary ghoul. That ridiculous moan of his always made me laugh as a kid. (I owned this record years ago, but don't know whatever happened to it.)

Thanks for posting this one, Jason. Brings back some fun memories. :)

Another "Stephen"

10/13/2007 4:12 PM

Blogger Dr.Terror said...

Welcome back!!!

10/13/2007 9:51 PM

Blogger thingmaker said...

Thank you for returning to make another Halloween far better.
This particular item is quite funny to listen to (I like the slurping as the "blood Banshee" eats the children) but I really enjoy your background info.

10/14/2007 7:09 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, this is definitely a classic! You've made my entire Halloween. Thanks for sharing, and thanks for coming back and making my audio collection even cooler!

It may not be the same as the Johnson Smith record, but it DOES sound like it could've come from the same people. Doesn't the guy's voice, and his strange delivery, sound familiar? The Johnson Smith record is the only other place I've ever heard of a blood banshee. Whatever that is. Hmmm.


10/14/2007 7:30 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jason tell us your story of the 7 feet johnson smith Ghost...the u-control ghost...I would like to know if you have any pictures of the free 6 foot moon monster from the monster fan club. Thank you for everything you do.

10/14/2007 12:05 PM

Blogger Dr.Terror said...

I keep getting re-directed to the home page when I click the link also.

I grabbed Daves share, is his the same file as yours??

10/14/2007 12:36 PM

Blogger Jason said...

Eddie --> Sure, I've got some snaps of the Moon Monster that you can check out here. The "Extra Bonus" of "3 Monster Masks" wasn't included, but happily the "Membership Card" was. For more info on the whole Moon Monster scam, check out these posts: one, two, three

As far as the "U-Control Ghost" goes, the Johnson Smith version (there were a few companies offering variations on the theme) was basically a white plastic garbage-bag type body with a white cardboard shoulder area (I think, I'm hazy on this part), a balloon with a cartoon "ghost face" printed on it for a head, and a clear fishing line which the instructions explained I could attach to the cardboard & then drape over a tree limb (etc). Then I was to pull the line from a distance so as to "remotely control" the ghost & make it raise & lower, frightening one & all. Naturally I had pictured the remote control to be something more like the one we had for our teevee set, and was a little let down (though I'd love to have one of these fellows now).

Dr. Terror --> I guess I ought to figure out what I screwed up on that little script, huh? But yeah, I think Dave just took the file I made & then uploaded it to a different location, so you shouldn't be missing anything by snagging it from him.

10/14/2007 2:36 PM

Blogger Jason said...

Peter --> Yeah, I thought the inclusion of the "Blood Banshee" on both records was a little odd as well (probably more so than the torture scenes they also share).

Perhaps the Johnson Smith record (1973) was made as something of a market saturating "response" to the Haunting record (1971), and they tossed the Blood Banshee into the narrative as a result of being so directly inspired? Then again maybe there were just a whole lot of Blood Banshees roaming around in the early '70's.

10/14/2007 3:16 PM

Blogger Peete said...

I would like to public in my web some stories from your page with your authorization
Thanks for your attention

10/14/2007 4:54 PM

Blogger Kirk D. said...

I saw the image in this post and literally felt a jolt in my body. Finally, you have done it! Just last month I was trying to research this gem (again), and naturally I got nowhere. Leave it to you to deliver!

Sheesh. Thanks so much. Another of life's mysteries solved.

I'm in the same situation. It really does feel strange to have so many of these childhood puzzles come to light. For me the world of S.S. Adams also falls in this category. What happens when all the childhood questions get answered? I guess now we're free to work on the adult questions.

Well, now I'm off to listen...

10/15/2007 10:25 AM

Blogger Jason said...

Richard --> Looks like "Monsters on the Prairie" was a 1977 song by Bobby Pickett, and is included on a cd you can (or could, as of 2004) order here.

Kirk --> Yeah, S.S. Adams most definitely falls into the same category, and reading the book you wrote on him was one of the greatest "man behind the curtain" moments I've experienced in years. In fact everybody: go buy that book. It's LOADED with amazing product pictures, historical info and "yanked form the vault" type original art & ephemera on the premier novelty & magic item company in America. I find it hard to imagine that anyone who might be reading this wouldn't have felt some of the S.S. Adams Company's impact in their life via Johnson Smith, Honor House or their neighborhood novelty store (speaking of which, the first such place that I ever encountered was called "John's Novelty Shop" in my home town during the mid 70's. Less than 100 square feet in size but a complete universe in my head).

10/15/2007 11:24 AM

Blogger Dave said...

Toy R Us used to have an 8 foot section of Adams products on the wall where you first walk in the store. Haven't been there in about 4 or 5 years so I'm not sure if they still have it or not. I also grew up on their toys.


10/15/2007 1:41 PM

Blogger Unknown said...

Jason and Everyone who has trouble with the link: I've got the problem fixed at my end. I'm running Norton Personal Firewall, which includes privacy controls, which makes surfing anonymous-ish.

It appears that when I click the link to the zip file, the server it resides on doesn't see me as coming from here, and rejects it. Undoubtedly due your script you have to prevent hot-linking.

So no worries. Now I'll just turn off Privacy Control when you post something great - like this.

Thanks for all the great stuff you post here. I love these old records, I remember listening to some of them as a kid, and it's great hearing them again.

Good job!

10/15/2007 2:10 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, this is one of the records I've been trying to find for a long, long time.

Thanks for posting it.

We ordered the remote control ghost too. It was just like you described, but the face printed on the white balloon was Casper the Ghost. Easily the most un-scary thing we could imagine.

10/15/2007 5:06 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jason can I buy a copy of the moon monster from you. I mean something that you can do for me at staples...I would like to have this in my collection Thank You so much.

10/15/2007 7:32 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jason can I buy a copy of the moon monster from you. I mean something that you can do for me at staples...I would like to have this in my collection Thank You so much.
I am sorry I posted this twice by mistake. Does anybody have a u_control ghost to sell????

10/15/2007 7:32 PM

10/15/2007 7:35 PM

Blogger Kirk D. said...

Thanks too for your excellent book plug Jason! Your comments pages are so active that it's actually really great real estate for advertising.

yeah Dave, Toys R Us used to be one of Adams big customers, but that ended in the 90s (I think).

Funny, as soon as I downloaded and commented on this record today, I got busy at work and didn't get a chance to listen. Now I could snag it again from home, but I'm going to wait.

I like the idea that this is still in my future. It remains an official mystery until tomorrow.
Hmmmm. I wonder if I'll die right after I hear it?

10/15/2007 8:54 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kirk that is a great book you wrote for Dave....Great movie on flip...Would you know who has a ghost out there. And how much will it be worth if there is only one.

10/16/2007 12:36 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jason Thank You for your blog. I only found it this week and can't stay off it...It is great!!!!
again please let me know if you can sell me a copy of the moon monster...I realy would like that Thank case you need to contact me...

10/16/2007 12:41 PM

Blogger Jason said...

Heya Eddie,

Yeah, I'm actually looking at scanning every damn panel of the ol' Moon Monster & posting it as a PDF (or something akin to one) so that anyone could d/l & create a copy if they wanted, but dunno when I'll have the time to do it right. Rest assured you'll see it here if I pull it off though! If it works w/o too much distortion/ grey gradation shift there's a lot of old giant-sized Spook Show (& related) art in b/w that I have which I would love to be able to pass around the same way.

10/16/2007 5:25 PM

Blogger John AKA Reggaexx said...

I absolutely loved hearing this one Jason - I don't know how I remember seeing that comic book ad as a kid, considering I was born in '71, but it so familiar! I've got a question for you and for anyone else reading your comments... are there any other mail away/comic book ad records that have yet to be unearthed? I don't know, it may be just me, but these cheesy records really set the tone for reminiscing about Halloween's past even though I never heard them as a kid.

10/17/2007 7:24 AM

Blogger Kirk D. said...

Jason, I love the idea of you posting some rare spooky printed items as a next step.

Eddie, nice to finally connect with you. I've heard all about your obsession. Glad you like the book and the film. You have a U-Control Ghost right? Why are you wanting another? Or are you just trying to figure out the value of yours?
I don't have one, and can only speculate as to what it's worth.
The Frankenstein posters go between about 150 and 250. I could see the ghost being in that ballpark or a bit more. But like I said.. pure speculation. If there were truly only one left in existence it might be a lot higher but collecting has taught me that there's always more out there just waiting to be discovered.

Raggaexx, I'll have to check but I think I have examples of this ad running well into the seventies. And if it didn't then maybe you saw it in a pile of comics at the barber shop or dentist. My barber's comics were 10 to 15 years old and that's how I was first exposed to comics that were before my time.
Now that this one's up I can't think of any other mail order LP ads that have gone unfulfilled.
Other mail order only albums that Jason has featured are...
Richard Taylor: Nightmare
Richard Taylor: Terror
Famous Monsters Speak
and of course the Johnson Smith horror record

10/17/2007 9:17 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jason You are doing great...Thank you for trying so hard to help out all those collectors out there....

Kirk Dave speaks very well about you. I was very very impressed with your book...Kirk I am new to this blog stuff. I know you and jason are the best out there.

When you have a chance tell me what you think?

kirk I know that I am the only one with a u-control ghost and a polaris nuclear sub out there....but shhh!!! don't tell anybody only kidding... i hope to meet with you some day... If you like ask Dave for my number to touch base some day...

Jason looking foward for that moon monster...again Thank You for your time...

10/17/2007 10:56 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jason alot of my co-workers are going crazy with your site...

again Great Job

kirk yours too

I like to spread the word as much as I can...

I can't wait for that moon Monster photos......

10/17/2007 11:02 AM

Blogger Eddie said...

Many are asking this question...Is the gayle house record the last to be unearthed? The answer is yes....I have been tracking comic book ads scince 1968 and the most popular were the Gayle house-the haunting along with the Johnson smith company horror records. You can find both on this site that Jason has created.

Johnson Smith was the first to create The U-control Ghost which they sold back in 1968 in combo with their horror record.
Then in 1970 the Melton company started selling the Ghost followed by Honor House...Bobson Productions etc...
This item sold all the way untill 1983 the last company to sell it ironically was Johnson Smith.

10/17/2007 5:20 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

TO KIRK OR JASON This is eddie I will be posting under the name John Seawinters


10/17/2007 6:10 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just want to say thank you so much for taking the time and effort to make all of this stuff easily accessible. I'm a huge Halloween fan and this entire blog is like a candy land for me. Please keep it up.

10/18/2007 6:06 AM

Blogger Kirk D. said...

Eddie, I will send you an email when I get some free time and give you feedback on your sites.

10/18/2007 8:38 AM

Blogger Eddie said...

Thank you kirk when you have the time.....

10/18/2007 2:23 PM

Blogger Eddie said...

Thank you Jason

10/18/2007 2:25 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am still having problems

10/18/2007 2:28 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey! iwanna chimp painting? where'd you order it? how much wuzzit? neat blog, thanks.

10/18/2007 4:28 PM

Blogger hdvns said...

Thanks for SO MUCH good stuff! My 9 year boy thanks you too as he's becoming a horror fan as well through me playing him these spooky sounds!
Happy Halloween!

10/19/2007 9:24 AM

Blogger maney7 said...

Thanks for helping me find this and 4 other records I have sadly had stolen from me,my collection still remains empty of those records but now I can at least listen to them (replaced by mp3s).I also thank you for sharing 3 other spooky records I had not heard of,I've been collecting since '76 and not heard of those 3,it was a thrill.

although CDs are way easier to find,I did noticed there was 2 recording I have that there isn't any links to here or anywhere,yet, I felt like sharing in thanks.
link to file
link to file

these aren't retro lost recordings,they are pretty modern('90's) but I didn't see anyone posting them.

10/21/2007 6:30 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...


10/23/2007 10:06 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jason, dude, I can't get enough of this blog man. For me, every day is Halloween so I could listen to this shit year round (and I do). But I was wondering if maybe you had something I was looking for, It's an old LP called 'These Ghoulish Things'. I used to have it awhile back and now I cannot seem to find it anywhere. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

10/23/2007 6:04 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Alright, so I found These Ghoulish Things over at Mostly Ghostly, but are there other albums like it that I might be able to get my claws on that you would have?

10/23/2007 6:32 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks again Jason. Is there any chance of you posting the Original Disney's Haunted Mansion Record from the 60s. It's my absolute favorite Halloween record. If you haven't heard it yet, don't let the fact that it's Disney make you think it must be stupid. It's really good. The spooky narrator actually walks these two unsuspecting kids thought the whole mansion. Plus there's weird music and great sound effects.

10/24/2007 7:51 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Like everyone else, I also have been trying to find the “Invite Your Friends Over For A Haunting” record for several years. I have had search requests in several specialty record shops and at least twice a month would try several combinations of search criteria on the web. No dice. I received the record in ’74 or ’75 and errantly left it in my desk the last day of school (Jr. High). I ran back to school the same day to fetch it and found that all the stuff left behind by the kids were donated to Goodwill. It was gone. Even back in those days I thought the record was kind of corny but still scary. Absolute fun. During those years, I would race home from school with anticipation of receiving my mail away goodies. Of all the junk I sent away for, the image of the ghoul (er, blood banshee) in the comic ad, along with the eerie moaning on the record represents a time in my life when things were innocent and simpler. Sincere thanks to those who unselfishly are sharing these gems and to the site builder for facilitating all this. Listening to the recording over 30 years later was interesting as the recall was instant. Real time travel. I made a CD out of the supplied sound files and graphics. The face of the CD has the paper insert of the record and the front and back inserts of the jewel case contain the large ad and small ad respectively. So now I’m walking around with this inner smugness of having my record again. Secretly playing it here and there, back and forth to work. I have the CD case on my desk hoping someone will recognize it; however, comic book ad fans are a small lot.
Thanks again fellas! You guys are real pals.

10/24/2007 8:20 AM

Blogger Dave said...


Not to take you away from Jason's great blog, but I just re-shared that Disney LP and some others at my blog HERE.

I know exactly what you mean about finally finding this record. I just learned about it recently, but still hunted it down like I'd been looking for it for 30 years. If it wasn't for Jason's great blog here, there is about 30 or 40 great Halloween LPs I would have totally missed out on.

I see you've been working hard Jason as most, if not all, of your links are active once again. Thanks again for all you do Jason.


10/24/2007 4:09 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey everybody,

I was wondering if any of you fine folks had a copy of an album I had a while back. It's relatively new, for all you guys who grew up in the LP era. I got it in about 96 or so. It was released in 93. It's called "Spooky Tales and Scary Sounds", and sadly my copy was stolen from me and I can not find another anywhere.
If anyone has the files to post somewhere or a zip that I can download that would be great. Preferably, I'd love these files in mp3.

E-mail me if you know anywhere I can get my hands on it:

10/24/2007 6:09 PM

Blogger Dave said...

The only place I was able to find a copy of it was on No downloads of it anywhere I could find. Sorry.

10/24/2007 11:48 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

This record is AMAZING! I love it, thank you so very much for giving us all a chance to listen to it. I love to collect Halloween LPs too, and your collection is by far the best I have ever seen! Thanks again!

10/25/2007 6:57 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dave's pal.
Stuff he finds at scarstuff he sells on ebay as eyonewt.
Pretty cute. Cewt.
Turn free downloads into cash.

10/25/2007 12:32 PM

Blogger Jason said...

Anonymous --> Ah, that's okay with me; I'd like to think that most folks would search them out & find the free download files anyway.

Heh, plus this guy might actually HAVE been one of the poor dudes who got suckered into buying one of the copies of my comps that were being sold on ebay back in 2000 (some guy made copies of my discs & was doing it w/o my involvement -- he was cleaning up too! I felt pretty bad about that.)

10/25/2007 12:43 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Jason,

Just wondering if anyone other than Dave saw my post.
I love all your Halloween records, and love anything to do with the holiday.

Anybody who knows anywhere I can acquire the "Spooky Tales and Scary Sounds" plz let me know.
Dave, thanks for the info but I already found the Amazon link. My library won't loan me their only copy and I can't find it anywhere else. Do any of you know where I can get it? a torrent? a download? plz help.

10/25/2007 2:25 PM

Blogger Jon Glassett said...

Great stuff!

10/25/2007 4:11 PM

Blogger Dave said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

10/25/2007 4:34 PM

Blogger Dave said...

Uh sorry anonymous. Eyeonewt is not my pal, nor does he steal from Jason and sell copies on ebay. Not to say the CD he's selling isn't a bootleg. As Jason said someone was selling his comp CDs a few years ago. From reading the auction it looks as if this is one of those copies. I should think by now you anonymous folks would get your facts straight before criticizing someone in a blog comment. Especially as many times as you've accused me of things here, and been proven totally wrong. Never learn will they Jason.


10/25/2007 4:40 PM

Blogger Dave said...

Other anonymous,

Sorry I couldn't help you with the Spooky Tales CD. I looked all through Google, and GoogleBlogSearch and that Amazon listing was the only thing I found. Sorry.


10/25/2007 4:43 PM

Blogger maney7 said...

I have 2 cds similar to that title,
one has a mix of Nelson Omsted,Brother Theodore and boris karloff narrating stories(taken from different records made in the 60's),
and the other CD has 10 tales through sounds and the rest of the remaining tracks are sound effects that are introduced with a narrator rudely blurting out the title of the sound.

10/25/2007 8:06 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is there any way I can get those cd's from you?
Could you upload the files somewhere so I can download them? both sound really interesting and I'd love to get them from you so I can increase my Halloween collection.


10/26/2007 5:29 AM

Blogger Unknown said...

Thank you thank you...THANK YOU!!! Glad to see you back! Been collecting horror soundtracks and ghost story LP's since I was a youngin'. Last year, your site made halloween a blast for me. Awesome to hear albums I don't have and never heard. It's like christmas! CHEERS!!!!!

10/26/2007 10:28 AM

Blogger Dave said...


This is off-topic here, but I'm wondering if you have the Richard Taylor "Fright" LP, and if so when you will be sharing it? Also, do you know if the 5th LP mentioned on the back of the LPs "Strange" was ever released? Thanks!


10/26/2007 11:22 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello everybody,

I have a favor to ask of you fine folks yet again.
Somebody above said they had the Spooky Tales and Scary Sounds cd, or something like it, plus another cd.
Could you plz get that to me? download works best 4 me, but if u dont know how to convert files, e-mail me and we can make arangements by mail.

I have a list of Halloween cd's that I'd like to find, but alas there's hardly any mention of them on the web. Could you guys see if u have them? or do you know of anywhere I can get them?

Here's the list:

1) Screeches Clanks & Howls 1993 K-Tel
2) Horror Movie Madness (Themes) 1994 K-Tel
3) Elvira Monster Hits 1994 Rhino
4) Demonic Soundscapes 1994 Orchard Lane Records
5) Music For Your Nightmare 1989 Total Recordings
6) Spooky Tales & Scary Sounds 1993 Holly Music
7) Sounds of Horror 1994 The Madacy Music Group
8) Scary Sound Effects/Nightmarish Noise 1994 Rhino
9) Demons & Dementia 1994 Bainbridge
10) Sounds From A Night of Terror - No info
11) Haunted Horror Sounds 1993 Forum Novelties
12) Halloween Horrors 1977 A&M Records
13) Frights of The Night Tring International
14) 101 Digital Sound Effects Sounds of Horror 1993 Delta Music
15) the BBC horror sound tapes
Thanks. I have a few things I'd be willing to share with you all.

Sorry to be such a pest.

Plz get back to me if anyone has any info on where I can get this stuff?

10/26/2007 3:53 PM

Blogger Dave said...


I have about 5 or 6 of the items from your list on my blog Mostly Ghostly. Click on my name with this comment, and you'll find the link to it. As for the others I know I have seen many of them. One of the best ways to find them is by using "Google Blog Search". Good luck with your search.


10/26/2007 4:48 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey maney7,

I downloaded the stuff you put on your blog. Could you upload both the mix cd and the one with naration and sound effects?


10/26/2007 6:19 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...


It seems up until now I've just been asking for stuff and not expressing my joy at finding this treasure trove of great records. I'm in highschool now and I still love Halloween.
I grew up on stuff like this, stuff my parents had and cd's and tapes they bought me. Through this site, and Dave's Forbidden Crypts site, I have rediscovered so much that I once thought lost, and have heard some truly great recordings.
Thanks Jason and Dave for all that you do. I am simply in awe that you have such a love of this old stuff that you're willing to sacrifice time and money and stuff to make all us collectors happy.

In addition to my requests in previous posts for speciffic Halloween sound effects stuff, I've got 2 more for ya.

Dave, how long until is back up and running. I love that site. Is there anywhere else you've got all that stuff hoasted?

Second, what other blogs are there like this. I know of the Yahoo Power Records, the Mostly Ghostly, the Children's Records, and the cookie and creepy and cool blog (I think it's something like that.).
What other sharing blogs do you guys know of? Are there blogs that share more than just Halloween? like comedy records and old music (prefferably country and blues)? Plz let me know.

Incidentally, I'm a bit of a history buff. Do any of you know what was the first real Halloween record to be released (excluding all the old radio shows from the 40's and 50's?)

Thanks for all that you guys do.

If you have any more cool records, plz post.


10/26/2007 7:27 PM

Blogger Dave said...


Check down the right colum of my blog in the "Links" area, and you will find several other great Halloween themed blogs. Too many to try and name here.

As for ForbiddenCryptsMusic it should be back up by the end of the weekend. This time of year bandwidth useage is so high (sometimes as much as 160 GB per month) I can't afford to keep up with it. In a few days the new month will automatically renew the bandwidth. Most of the music shared there and the Disney Site is pretty much on one of my blogs or the other. Good luck and Happy Hunting.


10/26/2007 11:40 PM

Blogger maney7 said...

for those in search,
since I have not yet seen:
Spooky Tales & Scary Sounds
Sounds From A Night of Terror -
Scary Stories- Frightening Tales for Halloween

in any of these linked blogs, I will be leaving links to them in my blog.

all those other albums jppearson2010 had listed I have seen either in this blog or in daves blog,with the exception of
Demons & Dementia
Demonic soundscapes

I do have Demonic soundscapes in storage ,maybe I'll do a little search for it on monday :)

Sounds From A Night of Terror is one long track which I am going to break up into tracks,I dislike one long sound effects track,anytime I see a cd like that in the store I usually dont pick it up assuming its got the same track as last years rip off ,mixed from the original sounds to make you shiver.FYI:Sounds From A Night of Terror might not be the best but its original material.

as for Demons & Dementia I've been very interested in hearing that one since I learned about it here recently.

Apologies to Jason for conversating here in your comment section
...but I am sharing with you too if you don't already have the sounds. :)

10/27/2007 7:57 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey maney7,

Thanks for saying you'd share all that stuff. Are you going to upload all that stuff today or during the remainder of the weekend? no rush.

I owe you one.

Jason, sorry for turning your comments section into a chat room.

keep up the good work, all of ya.


10/27/2007 9:56 AM

Blogger maney7 said...

there are there as of noon Saturday

Someone with a paid account might want to repost them somewhere else for mine are a limited freebie thingy the host limits and eventually removes.

10/27/2007 10:16 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...


Hate to bother you all again, but I wanted to know if any of you had Nox Arcana albums you could get me? or places to download them?
I'll trade you my Midnight Syndicate collection: it's their entire discography.

10/27/2007 10:19 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi maney7,

How does rapidshare work?

I clicked on Free, waited for the download ticket to say it was ready to download the file, and I'm not sure where to go from there.

10/27/2007 10:41 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...


Could you put the files up on file send, u know, the one u used to send the files on your other blog entry. I can't get them from rapidshare or megaupload.


10/27/2007 11:46 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...


I'm looking for an old Halloween tape called "Chamber of Horrors".

It starts off with a creepy voice saying "Happy Halloween". Then it jumps to a cover of thriller.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

10/27/2007 7:18 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sample of "Chamber of Horrors" Here:

10/27/2007 10:24 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I had another mail away experience that was interesting. I sent for the “Monster From Outer Space”, which was similar in appearance to the moon monster and peddled around the same time (see link).

As a little kid, I recall counting out 125 pennies and putting them inside an envelope and hand delivering it to the postman. He obviously saw my excitement to send away for some “thing” and kindly fixed everything up for me, as I later received my monster. I wish I could thank him. It was a yellow balloon. Yes, a balloon. The balloon had the same graphic as seen in the link, printed on the surface in black ink. The balloon also came with a die-cut, cardboard base that looked like feet, which I think was supposed to stabilize the monster after it was blown up. The knot of the balloon went through a small hole in the cardboard base.

As the ad reads, the monster did wobble and teeter. That thing would never stand straight up on the cardboard base. As for talking, I don’t recall receiving a “specially designed instrument” to make it talk. Perhaps it was a device that squealed as air was released through the balloon opening. My dad gave me the balloon and cardboard feet out of the package, so I’m not sure what it was mailed in or what came with it. It was popped the same day I’m sure.

In regards to the Moon Monster referenced earlier in this string, one option for re-creating the 2-part poster is to take it to Kinkos, who have scanning devices made for reproducing large documents (architectural drawings, etc). The scans can then be reduced in size and printed, right from the scanner. The clerks will help do it all. The two smaller scans of the top and bottom of the moon monster can then be taped and scanned as a single document, which would make a one-piece poster. Kinkos will also make a file from your original scans, which can be taken to a print shop for full size reproduction. This also opens up the possibilities for coloration, etc. I work with one of the largest graphic reproduction companies in the U.S. and would be glad to assist with the effort.


10/29/2007 6:37 PM

Blogger HarveyMidnight said...

Hello-- incidentally, for those who happen across this post in years to come, & run across the same trouble I had. Yeah, looks like the Norton privacy setting mentioned above was the problem. Once I altered that I was & am able to download everything here easily.

11/03/2007 10:38 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Morning Jason , you can see again my french blog because I have buy new very rare records .
PS: If you are interrested buy copies (cd) I'll make you .
Email me please .
Thaks .jocelyn.

2/20/2008 8:57 AM

Blogger Devil Dick said...

a boyhood memory remade!

3/04/2008 3:45 PM

Blogger Devil Dick said...

most excellent spot!
i'm gonna link ya up... maybe if you dig my tunes you'll do the same...?

3/04/2008 3:48 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Jason any new Moon monster Pictures...I hope you had a happy holiday...

3/24/2008 8:46 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I bought this record when I was 10 years old. It's great to be able to hear it again.

4/09/2008 6:32 PM

Blogger maney7 said...

FOUND the Demonic soundscapes cd
and have it listed/linked on my blog this evening.
happy new year.

12/31/2008 6:30 PM

Blogger Eddie said...


3/25/2009 11:40 PM

Blogger Peter Bernard said...

This blog inspired me to write a spoof of Gayle House and some of the other records you feature here. The audio features John Beach Voiceguy and his teenage daughters acting out a spook story with lots of little references to the old LPs (such as a "blood banshee" attacking the girls). I hope you enjoy if you get a chance to listen to it:
Thanks for this great blog, it's quite inspirational!

10/12/2009 7:11 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Awesome! The GH recording brings back memories from 30+ years ago and really made this years Halloween...

11/01/2009 8:30 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, I can't believe someone has a copy of this recording after almost 40 years! This must have scared the heck out of a lot of kids back then judging by all of the responses. I sure know it must have scared me if I remembered the phrase "the blood banshee is dead" after 35 years. My older siblings will remember this too, they should get a big kick out of it! Thank you for posting!

3/18/2010 10:29 AM

Blogger Dave said...

You can still find copies for sale on ebaynow and then.

Dave W.

3/18/2010 10:50 AM

Blogger Unknown said...

my dad used to hold me on his lap and make me listen to this record. it terrified me for my entire childhood. i still have my copy and it is in decent condition.

i recently tried to share it with my own children, aged 9, 8, 7, and 4. all but the 9yr old were horrified! i actually had to turn it off and let my oldest listen to the rest alone.

i guess my dad was right. scaring little children is pretty funny.

4/04/2010 12:24 AM

Blogger Dave said...

There is (or was) one of these for sale on ebay.

Dave W.

BTW - I did re-share many of Jason's shares with my own files, but I always, or at least I tried to always, say so when I did. If you see a share that doesn't give Jason credit it is probably because I have a copy of the recording for myself that I ripped and shared. Alas that is all a moot point now since I ran into the Troll problem back in early 2008. I finally had to give up any new sharing at all 3 of my blogs thanks to the arse.

4/04/2010 9:38 AM

Blogger Unknown said...

I have the actual record if someone has an interest.

6/20/2015 5:42 PM


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