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The Amazing Spider-Man & The Electric Company "Spidey Super Stories" (Peter Pan 8189, 1977)

Despite the dumbed down stories, having Spider-Man pop up on the Electric Company seemed pretty damn cool to me as a kid. I'm fairly sure this was the first flesh & blood guy I ever saw playing him (they began in 1974), and that alone was a big enough deal that even giant rope webbing or played-for-yuks villains couldn't mitigate the thrill. Oh, plus I thought that the theme (included before each story here) was pretty sweet, but I guess in retrospect all the Spider-Man songs sounded badass to me at the time. Actually I don't think he ever really spoke out loud on the show (instead they'd flash cartoon type word balloons), but on an audio record I suppose it couldn't be avoided. Mr. Morgan Freeman introduces all the episodes, naturally.

The Purple Pirates And Evil Mcweevil
The Last Laugh
Spidey Vs. Mister Measels
Spider-Man Is Born
Spidey And The Queen Bees
Deadly Is The Doctor Called Doom
20,000 Feet Underground
Spidey And The Sandman

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Blogger BenT said...

Great Blog! I just got tipped to it by BubblegumFink.

It looks like you and I have similar tastes in weird records. I will be downloading all of it.

Do you have "Spiderman: Rock Reflections of a Super-Hero"?

Somewhere I have a cassette tape I recorded of that, but it's very worn.

I'm going to put you in my favorites and give you a link at my blog

2/05/2006 1:50 PM

Blogger Ajax said...

You are unstoppable.

I hate rapidshare though. Can't you make my life easier somehow?

2/06/2006 9:42 AM

Blogger Jason said...

Ah, excellent Ben T! I love your blog & have added it -- some really cool stuff there.

I don't have Rock Reflections anymore, but the cd is easily gettable.

By the way, I can't wait 'til you start posting more of the stuff from your cover archive.

2/06/2006 10:33 PM

Blogger Jason said...

Ajax: hey look pal, I saw what happened over at MM when the Red Foxx records were discovered. Rapidshare forever! ForEVER, man!

2/06/2006 10:34 PM

Blogger Riley said...

Kick Booty!! A kewl new blog that spins!! Great Shar-ity!!

2/07/2006 5:16 PM

Blogger chepo said...

I love this album! Morgan Freeman!

6/19/2006 10:10 PM

Blogger Unknown said...

I have this record as well as Batman, Superman, and others. Any idea how much it might be worth?

7/30/2010 8:20 PM


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