Make horrid scars and gashes.


Go Ape.

Hey all; I've got a heap of stuff percolating in the background for the upcoming week, but if you want to keep things "interactive" in the meantime you're certainly free to add the site profile to your ever-expanding myspace friend list.

You know, or not.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

So hey, is that you/ your Halloween costume?

10/15/2006 2:53 PM

Blogger Jason said...

Heh, yeah I confess that it's me (caught having a cup of coffee just this morning in fact).

Dunno if it'll be the final costume this year or not, but no matter what I end up doing I'll say that that thing is an awful lot of fun to wear around the house.

10/15/2006 3:05 PM

Blogger Kitsune Sniper said...

I'm probably gonna get yelled at, but for some reason that costume's chest made me think of the infamous Batnipples from the Batman flicks. Aheh.

10/16/2006 11:06 PM

Blogger Jason said...

No -- you're right; in fact the pecs become concave so often & easily that I've had to stuff them w/ foam (so as to preserve the highly coveted puffed-out gorilla chest appearance that the ladies find so fetching.)

10/17/2006 11:00 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jason tell us your story of the 7 feet johnson smith Ghost...the u-control ghost...I would like to know if you have any pictures of the free 6 foot moon monster from the monster fan club. Thank you for everything you do.

10/14/2007 12:03 PM


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