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Well since I was recently visited upon by a welcome but unexpected boing boing link (my page loads shot up to about 6,500 a day as result -- hello new friends), it would seem to be as good a time as any to break from posting for a bit so I can work on a few other projects that need my attention. Don't worry much; I've got plenty of fun new stuff waiting in the wings and should be back within a week at the latest (if I can stay away that long).

If you'd like to waste some time 'til then you could always check out this exciting TELL ALL interview I just did for the fine Shuffle blog; this thing oughtta give you far more insight into my muddled brain than you'd ever actually require. Hell, as an added bonus for the folks who have written asking me about my setup, I'll even leave you with a snap of good ol' Casa de Scar Stuff complete with a sleepy blogger & an awesome cat. Hope to talk with you all soon.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...


5/03/2006 12:11 AM

Blogger Annukka said...

I'm envious of the nice order your stuff is should see my 'casa'...
But have a nice break and come back soon!

5/03/2006 3:01 AM

Blogger scottra said...

Wow I'm jealous of the set up!
Hurry back!

5/03/2006 6:31 AM

Blogger Dave said...

Totally awesome set up there Jason. I figured you had a few LPs but not a wall-o-lps. Wow. Looks like you have an awesome PC, and recording set up too. Have a great break, and thanks once again for all of the awesome shares you give us each week.


5/03/2006 10:01 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, enjoy the time off, and thanks for the link to the interview, which in turn, brought me to Tales of Horror Podcast. I'm a huge fan of radio horror, and the more of it, the better, as far as I'm concerned.
Your childhood nightmares sound a lot like mine -- Night Gallery and The Night Stalker pretty much ruined my grade school sleep too. Re-watching both on DVD has been a great experience in recent months.

5/03/2006 10:16 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is that cat alive or taxidermy?

5/03/2006 10:57 AM

Blogger The Zenman said...

Damn. Looks like home to me. Just add more keyboards and a bass.

Nice guitar!

5/03/2006 11:37 AM

Blogger brainwerk said...

Cool digs!

5/03/2006 3:32 PM

Blogger BenT said...

"one of these days...I'm gonna get myself...organizized."

like you.

My dream shelving system for my vinyl collection would be made from old surfboards supported by wooden Tiki heads. or oversized skulls.

I'll build it one of these days.

Maybe if I had somewhere to put them, I'd start going thru the six crates on my floor full of records I haven't listened to yet.

This weird record thing can get obsessive, but I can't pass up a bargain at the thrift shops.

5/03/2006 7:27 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the records AND for the reference to American Punk in Suburbia. I'd never seen it before and what can I say but, "YAY! New Wave Theater! YAY! 45 GRAVE!"

Oh. One question if you see this after you get back; in elementary school, I remember a song - sung by Ghosts, I think. It went "We are here to scare you-hoo-hoo!" to the tune of the classic "spooky" riff of Mysterious Mose (see here if you aren't familiar with it, though I am sure you are). It's one of those things that's bugged me over the years. Any ideas where that song can be located?

5/04/2006 12:40 PM

Blogger Phillip said...

Oh My Fucking God, I can't believe you are in The Knockout Pills! I saw you at Harold's Bar in San Pedro, playing with my friend's band (Killer Dreamer) (also the Rolling Blackouts I think.) I bought a cd, and it was great! I've been coming to your blog for a few months, and now this totally blows my mind. Great interview, BTW.

5/04/2006 4:28 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

"I remember a song - sung by Ghosts, I think. It went 'We are here to scare you-hoo-hoo!' "

I'll try to save Jason some time and tell you that it's by the Wonderland Singers from the "Spooky Halloween" album. You can see a pic of the record cover at scaryspookysounds(dot)com.

Jason-- fun interview! Thanks for all the links.

Max the drunken severed head

5/04/2006 10:12 PM

Blogger Jason said...

You guys are all so fucking great -- thanks for all the comments & the like. Let me see if I can run through a few of em real quick while I have a sec:

In reverse order (as the DJs on KJHK used to always say)

Anonymous: Max is right, that song was off the "Spooky Halloween" album (a record that was actually based on an earlier LP called "Halloween Songs to Tickle Your Funny Bone" that had a slightly different track lineup & some altered edits) & you can check it out on my other site here (it's almost at the very bottom). I was actually planning on posting both albums next week, so if you wanna sit tight you can hear it again plenty soon.

Phillips: That Harold's Bar Pedro show was REALLY fun! I always love Killer Dreamer, and Jacob & I were actually quoting some lines from "Famous Ghost Stories with Scary Sounds" after the show! Plus Kid Kevin & I usually talk "Return of the Living Dead" zombie crap! The two worlds collide! Anyway, I'm the dude who DOESN'T play any guitar solos, and probably jumps around too much.

Ben (you rotten xenophobe you), that organization stuff was an all-consuming thing that bit me a few years back & it's TOTALLY paid off. I even put my giant flyer collection (dating back to around 1982) in COMPLETE, OBSESSIVE, CHRONOLOGICAL order -- now I can tell you EXACTLY who played at the Foolkiller Hall in Kansas City, MO on Sat June 23th of 1984 (it was the Freeze from Boston). SPEAKING of those flyers, I plan on scanning 'em all in for a website someday actually, but I have like 1,200 or something so it'll take a lot of time to do it right. You know, maybe the organization was actually 100% stupid since all it REALLY did was make my brian come up with MORE STUPID SHIT to do with any imaginary "spare time", but I fully recommend it all the same. Do it.

Other Anonymous poster: yeah, the cat you see is still as live as can be, and a totally cool chick at 17 years old. She sits on that monitor half the damn day (it's why I can't trade the CRT in for a second LCD actually; she needs a platform to hang out on), and is watching me type this.

Paul: I've been doing the same thing w/ Night Gallery/ Night Stalker episodes lately. Man, I knew he was good, but I'd honestly forgotten HOW good Kolchak was as a character (and how spotty some Night Gallery episodes were. The NG intro still creeps me out though; that was often the prelude to nightmares for me as a kid. That & that damn commercial for the movie "Magic" that had the dummy reciting the rhyme).

Dave: those things to the left are actually not my record, but magazines & other paper ephemera (it's my graphic design morgue). I have a lot of albums, but not quite that much space anymore -- physically they're further along down the side. Projects like this (getting as much of this weird cool shit back into some kind of circulation so I don't have to be so precious about it all) is all part of my goal to trim my "stuff" down actually. All the hard drives next to that G5 are getting loaded up with digital versions of the shit I've been carting around forever so that I can better convince myself to get rid of things here & there. We'll see if it works.

Everyone else: thanks again for all the kind words. I'm looking fwd to coming back with a bunch of stuff soon!

5/04/2006 11:14 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a coup!

How I wish that I had saved my copy of "She Got a Nose Job" from Mad mag. What a mistake. I did save everything else though....

5/05/2006 2:31 PM

Blogger Dave said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

5/05/2006 3:38 PM

Blogger Dave said...

As I posted back at the Mad share section I have seen just about every Mad recording ever made offered on ebay at one time or another. Just put Mad Magazine Music in your "My Ebay" section as a "Favorite Search", and you'll be notified by email everytime another one is listed.

5/05/2006 3:40 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Awesome!!! (this is the "we are here to scare you" guy). Thank you so much! And I will look forward to the posting, you guys rock. :D

5/08/2006 10:02 AM

Blogger Dave said...

I just got a copy of "A Spooky Halloween". The song anonymous asked about:
"a song - sung by Ghosts, I think. It went 'We are here to scare you-hoo-hoo!'"
is a song called "Halloween Friends". Just so you know what to listen for once Jason gets it loaded here. Thanks again Jason!!

5/10/2006 12:56 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...


Ok well I found your blog late last week and I am freaking out. You and I are obviously best friends who have never met. You have so many records that have passed through my life, and for some reason or the other I couldn't hold onto. (If you ever post Rudy Ray Moore's ZODIAC ALBUM i will drive to wherever you are and hug yhou, or at least give you a manly handshake, and drive back home!)

I praise and worship you my friend!
Take all the time you need, I have to play catch up with 5 months of blogs!

If you're ever in Austin TX look me up!

YOurs in spookydom,
-Lang Squal

5/30/2006 8:45 PM

Blogger Dave said...

The Cassette version of that LP is on ebay here lang squal:

Ray Moore Zodiac Album

5/31/2006 4:29 PM

Blogger Big Wop said...

Impressive vinyl collection,squire.Your blog takes me back to an era where a chunky ten year old paisan hid himself away in the attic with "William Castle's GHOST STORY" and "Halloween Horrors" and a box of Hershey bars, and was very glad of it!Check out my blogs:
Forza Vecchio Cuore Rossonere(if you're into Italian soccer)
and keep up the good work...terrifying and terrible!Bwahahaha!

Yours Cruelly,

9/10/2006 3:27 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

You ewmind me of my ex minus the guitars, now I'm remarried and in the course of a turbulent life I lost a lot of vinyl along the way,beautious collection and obviously much talent, its nice to see talented people have a good place to create

9/15/2006 4:46 PM

Blogger END OF THE LIGHT said...

i like that weird guit on the left. we got the same turntable, and we both have a window in front of us and records everywhere. mine are all over the place though..
CANT SEE THE SCANNER though..dont tell me you have to get up and sit down everytime you use it!
nice home!

12/07/2008 3:05 AM


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