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Carol Darr and Mark Masuoka - Spearhead Marketing "Halloween Party Instructions & Story" (Spearhead, SM-8267510, 1975)

Yeah, this is the kind of weird recording that I really love. One side contains a "spooky story" and the other explains how you can conduct a "Haunted House Halloween Party" by interacting with the sound effects & storyline while the record plays:

"...scary place #5 is supposed to be a bucket with a beating heart inside. To make the heart, take a balloon and fill it half full of warm water, then coat it with a thin layer of vaseline and place it on the bottom of the bucket. Now put a two inch layer of flour and water mixed together around the balloon. When you are getting close to the bucket on the tour you should be hearing the loud heartbeats on the record. Lead your victim around slowly so that he hits the bucket with his foot. This way, he will think that he's discovered something by accident, and the surprise will be better! Now, have him feel the bucket, then tell him to reach inside. You should be holding the opposite end of the balloon, and squeezing it in time with the heartbeat on the record. When your victim feels the balloon, it should feel as though it is really beating! Remember, keep in time with beat of the heart on the record. At THIS point, you're ready for scary place #6..."

Being an audio combination of Halloween-themed ephemera & now-displaced "functionality", this nears perfection for me. The only flaw might be that it's actually kinda well done.

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Blogger The Data Jockey said...

I love the wierd ones.
Thanks again!

10/08/2007 10:21 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, I have this record from when I was little and I still use it!

10/07/2011 7:47 PM


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