Make horrid scars and gashes.


Vincent Price "Ligeia" (Caedmon, TC1483, 1977) "The Imp Of The Perverse" (Caedmon, TC1450, 1974)

..more sonorous storytelling from the Vincent Price/ Caedmon alliance, this time focusing on Edgar Allan Poe (with several of the tracks having recently been reissued on a comprehensive Poe CD, along with a great number of other excellent tales hypnotically recited by Mr. Basil Rathbone).

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you thank you thank you! I love Vincent Price, and these are great additions to my horror-tales collection!

9/15/2006 7:30 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks very much for these wonderful recordings. I'm tempted by the Poe collection on Amazon just to get the readings by Rathbone.


9/15/2006 8:22 AM

Blogger Dave said...

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9/15/2006 11:08 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have some requests for a future album download:
Kenyon Hopkins "Nightmare!!"
Pete Rugolo "Thriller"

9/15/2006 12:28 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks alot for these! I love Vincent Price and have been wanting to get my hands on them for awhile now. The only one I've been able to find up until now is Price's The Secrets of Witchcraft and Magic.

9/16/2006 8:17 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...


9/25/2006 1:53 PM

Blogger Tiffany said...

Oh I love you man. I've been looking for these Vincent Price narrarated stories forever. I remember checking them out from the library when I was a kid. They were so spooky. You are doing mankind a great service!

10/18/2006 11:06 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you for these timely posts.
They don't make them like Vincent anymore (or Rathbone for that matter).

Happy Halloween

10/19/2006 7:02 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Any chance of a re-upload of these delicious works? Please? Pretty Please?

9/21/2007 12:25 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hope the migration is going well. I'd love to hear this lp and I've also linked to your blog. It is full of great content!

10/06/2007 6:46 PM

Blogger Mike Bass said...

sadly this link has been broken. Please re-post for us Price fans.

10/20/2007 7:11 AM

Blogger Ana MarĂ­a Enciso Noguera said...

I really never thought I'd find such a thing. I'm surprise, thank very much.
I downloaded the first file, but I couldn't, however, download the second one (the one of the poems) could you please tell me where can I get it? Or why is that I couldn't download the file of the poems?(Actually right now I cant download neither of them)

Thank you very much for your help and...generosity you've shown by putting this things on everyone's reach.

1/06/2008 8:25 AM


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