Make horrid scars and gashes.


Vincent Price "A Coven Of Witches' Tales" (Caedmon, TC1338, 1973)

Another fine Caedmon/ Price collaboration, this one focuses solely on stories (and incantations!) dealing with witches. To briefly quote the liners: "On this dangerous record, best listened to on a moonless night in a dark room with the hand of someone you trust close by to hold, you'll encounter witches of several sorts from several lands." Great stuff.

Oh, and a word about the sound quality here: my copy of this record is a fairly static-laden affair, so for side one I've opted to use an earlier rip in my collection that was encoded (by someone else) at a lower bit rate than what I usually try to share. In an effort to somewhat improve upon that rip however, I've separated the tracks out with the proper titles and included the album art in the tag files. For side two I used my LP copy as the source, as the files in the other rip were incorrectly labeled (they were actually from side two of the Caedmon/ Price "Graveyard of Ghost Tales" record shared earlier here), so please consider this fair warning for some of the pops & clicks which you'll surely encounter. quote the liners once more: "Caution: the stories and recipes in this package may be hazardous to the weak-minded! Use only as directed, and keep away from fire, an element fatal to witches."

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Blogger Josh said...

WOW!!! I have never heard this album before! This one is new to me!!! :-)

Thank you very much for posting it!



9/17/2006 12:34 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

This site is a treasure. I've put it in my daily links. Thanks for the Vincent Price stuff -- keep it coming!

9/17/2006 5:58 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was a bit fearful given your sound quality warning, but this sounds completely fine. Thanks again!

9/18/2006 7:31 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love this site...But are the links working? *confused*

9/19/2006 5:16 AM

Blogger Jason said...

Yes indeed, they seem to be working fine for me. You might want to refer to the dialogue here if you're having trouble though; it might help.

9/19/2006 8:30 AM

Blogger Kolaboy said...

A great selection here, thank you =)

9/20/2006 3:37 PM

Blogger AntiMusick said...

thanks for the posts.

I did not see the "The Secrets Of Witchcraft And Magic Revealed By Vincent Price" record. I do own this record, and I have plans to encode it to mp3's soon.

10/16/2006 12:24 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

This one is comming up as site unavaleable too. The world is against me!!!

11/02/2006 3:07 PM

Blogger Jason said...

Yeah, the server is briefly down. Check back in tomorrow, I thope we'll be cool by then.

11/02/2006 3:09 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

can someone please upload this one witches tales, some how I got here to late. thanks. and for the hard work too

11/03/2006 7:42 PM


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