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Halloween Sound Effects - Jane Gipps and Ralph Harding "Music And Effects Of A Terrifying Nature" (Total Records, TRC931,1982)

Apparently reissued in the mid '90's on a now OOP CD, this Canadian-born Halloween sound effects LP might be exaggerating things a bit when it comes to that "Music and Effects of a Terrifying Nature" subtitle. Things get started off near the right foot with tracks like "Two Headed Monster Devouring Raw Flesh" and "Growling, Snarling, Slobbering Monster In Chains, Maniacal Laughter", but after a brief torture tangent ("Sharpening The Pendulum Axe", "Tightening The Thumbscrew", etc) you'll find that side two is completely taken up with the rather dubious theme of "Hallowe'en in Space" (even their liner notes seem apologetic on this point, claiming that "Since Hallowe'en is very difficult to define, we found that we were carried away by the space and fantasy feeling that now exists as side 2..."). Now maybe it was thanks to the post-Star Wars world we were all living in, or perhaps the Halloween traditions in Vancouver are more varied than those with which I'm familiar, but whatever the genesis, the end result is that when the listener drops the needle down here in search of scares, they're treated instead to sonic concepts like "Plutonian Ice Caves", "Cosmic Lunacy", and that ol' Halloween fave "Honing the Light Sabre".

"This is an absolutely horrible record album that no collection should be without"... "equally useful for professionals and sound and home movie buffs alike". Well hey, fair enough!

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Blogger Renaldo said...

Hey, I have this CD. I bought it at a dollar store a few years ago. Never knew it was an LP prior.

9/23/2006 9:12 AM

Blogger Dave said...

How about some cheese with our Good one Jason. I see there are also 3 of these available on Amazon.

9/23/2006 12:08 PM

Blogger Dr.Terror said...

It may be available from a few people, but it's out of print.

Dosen't matter, I can't get the DL to work. It just sits on 35 mins.

9/23/2006 12:16 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Beg to differ on the whole take on side 2. While not like the traditional Halloween flavors of sound effects, side two works great for appropriately themed spook houses with toxic zombie or just the paranormal in general. (Although "Honing the Light Saber" is pretty useless -- Agreed)

HSE-owner of the originally released cassette and re-issed CD.

9/23/2006 5:17 PM

Blogger Jason said...

Heh, yeah I confess that I can easily see the value of it in that respect (& some of the sounds are pretty cool in a sci-fi sorta way). I guess it would just make a lot more sense to me if it weren't under a LP cover depicting a grinning jack o' lantern (w/ dripping gothic letters to boot!).

Still yes: if I were running a spook house, I'm quite sure I'd have gotten my fill of wind, cackles & groans a looooong time ago.

9/23/2006 5:56 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Definitely a home-brew job, and look Ma, no library sound effects.

9/24/2006 8:38 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Track 5 seems to be corrupted. Everything else extracts fine except for track 5.


10/30/2006 10:50 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Track 5 is fine. Move the zip file to your desktop and then unzip. The problem is multiple folders and the long file names. Get the zip file in a place by itself and then unzip. Then track 5 is fine. The same thing happened to me so I know.

11/01/2006 2:40 AM

Blogger Unknown said...

Doh - no link.
Check out a great compilation of super spooky sounds - nothing cheesy in this track. Wicked Creep 2009 Halloween Sounds Mix. Free stream and cheap mp3 download.

10/29/2009 8:23 PM


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