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Columbia Playtime Records "Spooky Music For Spooky Occasions" (Playtime, 412, 1950)

3 minutes of spookiness off of one of the older Halloween records I have. The Columbia Playtime series of 78s date back to the 1920's; here's some info from an article on Kiddie Records putting them in context:

Little Tots' was joined by the Playtime label in the summer of 1924. Playtime discs originally carried ornate, multicolored labels and at 15ยข were obviously meant to compete with Cameo-Kid. [snip] Playtime would prove to be the longest-lived of any 78-rpm children's brand. The Columbia Broadcasting System inherited the label in 1938, with its acquisition of ARC, and continued to produce Playtime 78-rpms into the late 1950s.

Also check out Kiddie Record King who writes:

"Columbia's Playtime, a long running series of 6" and 7" records (originally 70 titles, then reissued in a series of 113 titles) began in the late 1930's and continued up to 1954".

That all having been said, I now present you with two tracks of simple organ for all your spooky occasion needs.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Are you kidding me!! This is the best Hallowe'en organ stuff I've ever heard, Love it, Love it, love it!!!

I've been looking for "SpookShow" style oragn music for ages.

Keep the Hallowe'en stuff coming, your making us ghouls VERY, VERY happy.

Dr. Terror

3/14/2006 11:11 AM

Blogger X Esquire said...

Dig the site (I can never get enough Halloween in one day). Any chance you've got the old Peter Pan Records edition of Casper The Friendly Ghost lying around? I'd kill for that one. I played that till I was blue when I was a kid...

3/14/2006 2:32 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Another great share, I'd never heard of this one before! Does anyone know what that ubiquitous duh-duh-duh-duh-DUHHH motif heard in part one is that shows up as a cue in so many '30s and '40s "spooky" music pieces, cartoons, etc? I recognize the Grieg "Hall of the Mountain King" bits in part two, but what is that first motif, and why did it become the sound of spook for so long?

3/14/2006 6:01 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Paul. F, here is Casper for yah!!!



3/14/2006 7:30 PM

Blogger X Esquire said...

Dr. Terror.... You are the greatest. Thanks so much for Casper. I have missed this LP for too long...

Paul F

3/15/2006 7:23 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jason -- Thank you for the 78 tracks! Loved the old organ spooky music.

Can you tell us how many tracks in total the record had? Or was this some small 78 that only had one track on each side?

Forgive my ignorance. Unfortunately, I don't know much about 78s. We had none when I was growing up in the 60's and 70's, and I don't have the equipment to play the ones I've seen in thrift stores.

Max the drunken severed head

3/15/2006 1:07 PM

Blogger Jason said...

Yeah, this was the full thing --- it's just a two sided single. It's my plan to always post entire albums; I know that the obsessive part of my brain is driven nuts when people pick & choose individual track themselves & don't share the entire recording, so it seems the only thing to do to me.

3/15/2006 3:06 PM

Blogger Dave said...

Dr. Terror,

Could you give the Casper link again? Can only see half of it now. Thanks.

3/28/2006 11:20 AM

Blogger Dr.Terror said...

The link is for the same Casper record
Jason did a post of. Haunted House Tales.


3/29/2006 3:29 PM

Anonymous Seth said...

This blog is great, I love spook sounds x3

8/20/2009 7:51 PM


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