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Steno-Disc "Actual Business Letters Dictated at Various Speeds" (Steno-Disc, No.514, 195?)

Here's a genre of record that was popular enough for a few competing labels to try their hand at releasing titles; dictation LPs intended for use by aspiring stenographers, typists & shorthand note takers. Judging by the back cover there were plenty of volumes in the Steno-Disc series (both full length & 45 rpm) to choose from, but what I'm sharing here today is specifically described as "Business Letters for Students and Shorthand Brush-Up: 90, 100, 110 WPM".

Back in the early 1990's there was a period when I would run my stereo output through a delay pedal for days on end, which had the effect of making everything sound pretty damn good. Perhaps unsurprisingly I found that with that setup I was quite often in the mood for the banal & unimpassioned delivery (not to mention content) of this album, and though I'm posting the tracks in a naked and untreated form my guess is that their charms won't prove too elusive to grasp in any setting.

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Blogger Phillip said...

AAAHHHH! I have like 5 of these!

2/05/2006 5:26 PM

Blogger Jason said...

Heh, yeah me too. While some have a snappy 60's mod secretary on the cover, the content sure as hell remains strikingly similar in tone.

2/06/2006 10:37 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Makes me want to type, and type and type!

2/07/2006 4:01 PM

Blogger Unknown said...

what is it all about?

9/14/2009 1:31 PM

Blogger Unknown said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

10/25/2010 2:39 AM

Blogger Unknown said...

Dear I need more stuff like that can u plz upload or send me link from where i can download it my email id is

10/25/2010 2:41 AM


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