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Richard Taylor: Nightmare (Major Records M-36, 1962)

If you poke around in some of those Famous Monsters offshoot mags from the early 60's you'll often see ads for records like this:

...and if you're a nutjob like me you've probably been tearing out your hair trying to imagine what they might sound like, right? Well wonder no more! Today I'm posting one of the best from the cheapo Major Records lineup: Nightmare. Here you'll find a pair of totally breathy, insane, creepy-voiced interpretations of two of Mr Edgar Allan Poe's finest works ("The Tell-Tale Heart" & "The Pit & the Pendulum") , with some trippy & off-key reverb-laden guitar noodling going on in the background that genuinely seems to heighten the sense of madness. You know how it frequently seems like (since no one was really paying attention) producers would kind of go nuts when recording children's records in general, and spooky records in particular? Well here's a prime example from the early 1960's. So very very great.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

THANK YOU a MILLION times for this! I have tried to get this for years!

Max the drunken severed head

2/13/2006 9:40 PM

Blogger Jason said...

Perfect. That's exactly the reason I love doing this. I'll post a few others from that series as I get em all encoded & tagged.

2/14/2006 10:00 AM

Blogger Dave said...

Do you also have the "Fright" recrod Jason? I have copies of "Horror" and "Terror" thanks to Hellsbane.


7/12/2006 11:10 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, I've heard several different variations of "The Telltale Heart" as I've attempted to find the version I heard in junior high, but this one is by far the creepiest! Thanks for all of these awesome albums!

10/31/2006 7:57 AM

Blogger Murdock 703 said...

Wow thanks

10/19/2007 7:46 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

It sounds like one of the Bowery Boys doing a one man Edgar Allan Poe skit while their older brother plunks along on his Sears and Roebuck Fender. It has it's charm though.

2/28/2010 8:52 PM


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